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What is a submark? - and why does my business need one.

I offer three logo design packages bronze, silver & gold. One big difference between the lowest and the highest is a submark design.

So what is a submark?

This is a question i get asked all the time, and to be honest before i became a graphic designer i had no idea what, or how important, a submark design was either.

To put it simply - a submark is an element or a few elements that are pulled from your primary logo, to create a smaller, simplified logo.

Have a look at my logos below as example.

Full Logo - Submark Variation 1 - Submark Variation 2

In the first square we have my full logo design. It is important to have a full logo that includes your whole business name and what service you provide. In my case it is 'Madeline Clare' and 'Design' services are what i do.

After recently completing my own re-brand (yes, even designers need to give their brands a new look from time to time :) ) i was happy with my primary logo design, however when i started sticking it on different applications it didn't look as good as i originally thought it would.

What looked good as my Facebook display photo, looked horrible on my Instagram.

Creating pens with my logo on it? - forget it!

So i need of a second logo that didn't steer away from my brand identity, i created the second square - my submark.

I took the 'm' from madeline and the 'c' from clare, and joined them at the hip. Simple, but it works for me.

The third square is an example of another submark variation i use when i need it.

Still confused? Let's use well know brand Nike as an example.

Nike has a full logo, but they also have their 'swoosh' or 'tick' submark.


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