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At Madeline Clare Design, we offer logo design in the Central Coast area and beyond, helping our clients build an eye-catching brand identity that matches their personality and values. Your company’s brand identity is the face of your company, the first thing customers see and make snap judgements on. Work with us to craft a compelling brand identity starting with the graphic design of your logo.

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Graphic Design in the Central Coast


As your logo and brand identity are the first things potential clients see, it is what they base their first impression on and how they decide whether to support you or not. This reality reflects the importance of graphic design to build and keep your customer base. Often, new companies are reluctant to properly invest in the design of their logo and brand identity, but given its importance, this can have a detrimental effect on the business’ viability.


  • The rise of the internet and its importance in marketing have made a well-crafted brand identity and logo more vital to the growth of your business. People expect exciting graphic design and are more likely to search for more information on a company with an eye-catching brand identity.

  • Customers in Australia crave consistency and brand identity can help foster brand loyalty. When potential repeat customers see your distinct logo, they will recall their previous dealings with your company and be more likely to return.

  • Our unique, one on one brand consulting in the Central Coast, based online, can help to craft a brand identity and logo that best serves the needs of your brand and attract the ideal target audience. By building a brand identity right from the start, you begin with the best foundation possible on which to grow your business.


The Importance of Graphic Design in the Central Coast NSW


A well-designed logo grabs the attention of potential customers in the Central Coast NSW, and Australia, almost instantly in a way that mere words cannot. This strong first impression not only draws the eyes, but it helps to distinguish your business from the competition. In today’s oversaturated world, potential customers expect eye-catching logos, and the lack of one might be detrimental.


  • First impressions are made quickly, most of the time, in a matter of a second or two. Often, that is the only chance to grab the attention of a potential customer. With a well-crafted logo, that is all the time you will need.

  • Logos are even more critical when you are in a business with many competitors. When clients perform a search of companies in your industry, a good logo distinguishes you from the rest.

  • One of the side effects of the growth of the internet and smartphones is that customers expect businesses to have a certain visual flair to their brand identity, and this includes an eye-catching logo. Without one, your company might miss out on potential customers.


About Madeline Clare Design


For over five years, Madeline Clare has been providing her unique, one on one graphic design consultation to clients in the Central Coast region and beyond, including clients like TAB, specialising in helping small and medium-sized companies develop their brand identity.

If you are interested in getting more information about our graphic design services in the Central Coast or anywhere in Australia, contact us today.