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People respond to graphics that grab their attention and pull them in, which is why you should look for graphic design in Newcastle for your business. Madeline Clare Design can help with versatile and unique design services by working jointly with you through the entire process. We will design the quality posters, vehicle wraps and advertisements you need to draw in customers.

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What Sets Madeline Clare Design Apart Regarding Graphic Design in Newcastle NSW

We help put a voice to your vision and create graphics that echo the personality of your company.


  • Creativity: Overcoming issues isn’t always easy. Some answers are simple but others can be an adventure. We pride ourselves on problem-solving with creativity so your graphic creation is as unique as your business. You won’t have the same generic font or colour scheme as a thousand other websites when we find new and inventive ways to bring your graphic design to the next level.

  • One-on-one: You aren’t just a company, and neither are we. After you fill out our online design brief, we give you a call to ensure we’re on the same page. We provide regular check-ins and the opportunity for revisions so you aren’t stuck with a finished project you see for the first time when delivered.

  • Quality: Shoddy artistry doesn’t cut it in today’s digital age. Amateur work is easily recognisable, even by the wider public, which is why you need someone familiar with graphic design in Wollongong and wider Australia. Our five years of graphic design and variety of experience allows us to provide you with designs you can be proud to display.


Benefits of Using Graphic Design Companies in Newcastle

Capitalise on what makes your business special by using graphics to communicate with potential customers.


  • Unique: Stand out from the crowd with a website designed to highlight the personality of your company. We work with your recommendations and preferences to create something you’re proud to put your name on. Regular check-ups ensure the process goes smoothly so you always get value for your money.

  • Brand Distinction: Your company is one-of-a-kind, and you need people to recognise it. Creative graphics draw people in and make them remember you. It’s important to build a brand personality for people to identify and affiliate with as you grow your business.

  • Experience: While it is tempting to try to do everything yourself, design isn’t something that can one can learn overnight. Save yourself the late-night headaches of trying to learn photoshop and hire a professional. You’ll thank yourself when the product is sleek, beautiful and easily adaptable to social media posting and merchandising.


About Madeline Clare Design


Versatility is one of technology’s greatest benefits, and we bring it to companies across Australia thanks to our online base. With half a decade of graphic, logo and website design experience, you get quality every time. We handle everything from social media marketing to poster design. With the opportunity for revisions and suggestions from you, we make you a part of the process so you can watch your brand develop in real-time.


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