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At Madeline Clare Design, a Graphic Design Agency in Newcastle, we pride ourselves on the unique and personal designs we create for our clients. Good branding is one of the best ways to grow your business, and there is no better way to create a brand identity than with our one on one design consultations. We see ourselves as more than merely a design firm but a brand consultant for our client’s needs.

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Statistics on Digital Marketing in Newcastle from Madeline Clare Design You Need to Know

The internet has become more and more critical to the growth of a business, making robust digital marketing key to any business plan. Even when thinking about shopping locally in the Newcastle area, the majority of people check out the business online, either through their website or through local searches, before visiting the physical location.


  • Given the ubiquity of smartphones, they have become the go-to tool that consumers use to determine where they will shop. Over 80% of smartphone shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches guiding them to local businesses.

  • While conducting these searches, over half of smartphone users have discovered new products or companies. A strong brand identity will help ensure these searchers find your business.

  • Creating an eye-catching brand identity and using it in connection with a digital marketing strategy will help guide consumers who perform these searches in the Newcastle area to your business.


Signs You Should Invest in Brand Design in Newcastle

Your logo and branding are the face of your business. They are what your potential customers use to make their first impressions and the snap judgements that come with that. Because of this, you need a brand design that is not only eye-catching but specifically tailored to reflect your own company’s style and inspiration.


  • The most significant sign you should invest in brand design to update your logo or brand identity is if you are not attracting the customers you had in the past or expect to have. Tastes change over time, and even the best brands sometimes need a tweak to boost their power.

  • Our unique approach to design relies on personal one on one consultation from the beginning to end of the brand design process. We want the final product to deliver an effective marketing tool for your business as well as reflect your values, personality and much more.

  • A strong brand and logo are the foundation that you can use to turn your business dreams into reality and increase your company’s awareness with the people in your area.


About Madeline Clare Design


Madeline Clare has worked as a graphic designer for over five years in the Newcastle area, bringing her design expertise to small and medium-sized businesses. Her experience includes crafting unique brand identities, custom websites, package and print design and much more.


If you are interested in building your brand design, digital marketing or any of our other design services in Newcastle, contact us today.