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securing a freelance graphic designer in newcastle

Give your company unique branding by choosing a freelance graphic designer in Newcastle who’s focused on quality and individuality. At Madeline Clare Design, we do branding right by working together to develop a unique feel for your business. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for rebranding, together we will achieve the ideal design for you.

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What You Can Expect from Madeline Clare Graphic Design

Our packages take care of your design from start to finish with input from you every step of the way.


  • Unique: Logo design in Newcastle needs to stand out amongst the crowd. It needs to feel and look personal, not something lifeless from a standardised logo generator. With us, you get quality, one-on-one discussion time and design to make sure it reflects your business style.

  • Personable: When you work with us, we get to know you and what you want and work jointly with you through the whole process. Each of our logo packages starts with a follow-up phone call to touch base on your branding brief and make sure we’re on the same page. We’ll keep you updated throughout the design process to make sure we stay on track and give you the perfect logo design for your Newcastle business.

  • Versatile: With our packaging and print design services you can put your logo on almost anything. From vehicles to towels, posters to albums, we’ve done it all! Merchandise and advertising make all the difference in company promotion, and we make sure you aren’t stuck with 1000 ill framed coffee mugs.


Creative Ways to Use Logo Design in Newcastle

With your new logo in hand, you can break out of the box and explore inventive ways to get your name out there.


  • Merchandise: Some items are universal such as shirts, mugs, pens and matchbooks, but you should also pick unique items to brand based on your industry. Travel adviser? Make towels for repeat customers to take on their next beach getaway. Chicken wing distributor? Create wet wipes with your logo on them. Get creative!

  • Sponsor Local Teams: There’s no better way to show off your new logo design in Newcastle than supporting local sports. Most leagues post supporter logos on their t-shirts or promotional items, which will show people you are part of their community. Whether it’s a junior cricket league or your child’s football team, sponsorship can go a long way.

  • Vehicles: If your company has vehicles, it’s important to brand them so they promote your business while they work. If your industry doesn’t require a fleet, you can always advertise on local taxis and buses. This strategy is useful for urban areas with a lot of car traffic.


About Madeline Clare Design


We have provided quality logo design for over five years. Based online, we help people throughout Australia with everything from logo and web design to social media marketing and merchandise creation. The variety of packages and services we offer lets you pick what you need for your business. We’re here to support your growth in every way we can and work closely with you to adapt as your business evolves.


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